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Brakes & Brake Repair

Brake Service and Inspection

Are Your Brakes Grinding or Squealing?


Brake service is important to ensure the safety of your vehicle.  If your brakes are making a squealing sound, that may be a sign that your brakes need serviced immediately.  Let our professionals perform a brake inspection to determine the cause.  Here are some sure signs you need to have your brakes serviced.

  • •  Brake Dashboard Light is red, indicating an issue with a system imbalance.

•  Anti-Lock Brake Dash Light is Red Indicating an Issue.

•  Grinding or Constant Squeaking when Applying Pressure to the Brakes

•  The Brake Pedal feels spongy or responds slow when you apply pressure.


Call today or visit our Schedule Service page to have our staff help you resolve any possible issues with your brakes and feel safe when driving your vehicle.

Brake Repair & Replacement

Bad Master Cylinder Symptoms...

If you get an Engine Warning Light, Low Brake Fluid, or Master Cylinder Problem get your vehicle to the garage.  Ignoring signs of a faulty master cylinder can become very dangerous and potentially cause a serious problem with your vehicle.

Other relating issues call for scheduling service:

•  If Fluid becomes a Brown or Black Color
•  If Brake Pedal becomes Spongy or Sinks to the Floor
•  If Brake Pedal does not return when you put pressure on the Brakes

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