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Car Seat Safety

Schedule Your Seat Safety Service. requires us to obtain certain information pertaining to a car seat safety inspection or fitting.  By completing this form, we will have streamlined the process and the time you need to spend fillin out the paperwork manually.

In addition to saving time, the information you provide will allow us to search for any recalls pertaining to your car seat.  We will present all findings to you at the time of the fitting.

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Mitch Fasnacht - Green Lawn Garage
Nationally Certified Child Safety Seat Technician

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**It is required to have your Vehicle's Owner's Manual present during training.
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Child Seat Fitting Adjustments.  Please choose one of the following services.*
$15.95 Child Car Seat Safety Training. Caregiver will be trained by a National Safety Seat Instructor on how to properly adjust and position an already installed standard child safety seat.
$24.95 Child Car Seat Safety Installation. Caregiver will be trained by a Nationally Certified Safety Seat Instructor on how to properly install and maintain a standard child safety seat.
$119.95 Private Fittings Available. A Nationally Certified Safety Seat Instructor will perform onsite inspections, adjustments and installations at your place of residence or business. Offering is for 30 minutes of instructions and training for up 1 vehicle per event. Additional discounts available for multiple vehicles on single event. Price includes travel up to 10 miles. Additional mileage charge for extended distances.
$99.95 (Starting at) Fragile Children Fittings and Installations Available
PLEASE SIGN RELEASE FORM:  I understand and agree that the sole purpose of this program is to help reduce the incidence of the improper installation of child safety seats through means of education and hands on instructions; that this training event is being provided to as a service to me; that this program cannot fully evaluate the quality, safety, or condition of my car safety bels; and that this program and service performed by Green Lawn Garage, Inc. cannot guarantee my child's safety in a vehicle collision.  I understnad that it is important to read and follow the instruction manuals for both the vehicle and the car seat.  For these I hereby release Safe Kids Worldwide and each of the Safe Kids coalitions; Green Lawn Garage, Inc. and each of its divisions, subsidies and other operating entities; and any program participants from any present or future liability for any injuries or damanges that may result from a vehicle collision or otherwise.*

Not sure what type of car seat your child should be in?

Not sure if your child's seat is installed correctly?

Not sure how to install your child's car seat?


Infants - Children from birth to 12 months ​always ride in the back facing the rear of the vehicle.  They must be in a size-appropriate infant or convertible seat.

Toddlers - Children age 1 to 3 years old ​always ride in the backseat and should ride in a rear facing car seat, FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE until they reach the top height or weight limit allowed. (AT LEAST 2 YEARS OLD) ​

Young Kids - Children age 4 to 7 years old ​always ride in the back seat and in a forward facing car seat until they reach the top height and weight limit allowed by seat manufacturer.  Children can ride in a booster once they outgrow forward facing car seats with a harness.

Older Kids - Children age 8 to 12 years old ​always ride in the back seat and may still need a booster seat and wear the shoulder belt on the hips, not the stomach, and children wear the shoulder belt on the shoulder, not across the neck​.

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